Competition of Germany’s most beautiful bulls and cows in Erfurt


1st Thuringia Holstein Open during the Green Days Thuringia agricultural trade fair 2010

The biggest and most important competition for the breed used most often in milk production both in Germany and Thuringia is going to take place in Erfurt for the first time on 11th September 2010. At the ‘Thuringia Holstein Open’ black and red-brown bulls and cows will be appearing from all of the German states. And so the starting shot is fired for an event which within the scope of the ‘Green Days Thuringia’ agricultural fair should develop into a traditional podium for German Holstein rearing.

This exhibition is a highlight for all professional animal breeders and will increase the name recognition of the “Green Days Thuringia” agricultural show throughout Germany, enthuses Johann Fuchsgruber, Director of the Messe Erfurt. A professional show has now established itself in the area of Holstein rearing world wide. The breeders are entering competitions to present their philosophy and to present their breeding products. At the same time, this means that they are able to refine the image of the Holstein breed and their breeding operations. During the 1st ‘Thuringia Holstein Open’ in Erfurt, the best Holstein breeders will be able to set themselves against their contemporaries in an open competition. “Competitions have been advertised for young breeders from the Bambino group to differing age groups, as well as a junior type-cup and the Holstein competition of the lactating cows from the young to middle to old age ranges” reports organiser Jens Hubrich from the Thüringer Landesansalt für Landwirtschaft (TLL) (Thuringia agriculture association). The group winners of the competitions can await valuable awards and prizes, culminating in the presentation of the ‘Grand Champion.’ It proved possible to attract the most in-demand and internationally acknowledged prize judge of the moment, Brian Carscadden from Guelph/Ontario, Canada.

With more than 1.6 million registered animals, Germany is home to the biggest breeding population of the Holstein-Friesian breed in the world. This most highly productive dairy breed in the world originates from the bountiful lowlands along the north sea coast of Holland that stretch through Germany, East Friesland and Schleswig-Holstein until the Danish Jütland. The first mentions of the Holstein breed can be traced back to the 16th century. Its intensive breeding then began at the end of the 18th century in North America. The milk-stressed animals then joined the European population of dual purpose type (milk and meat) cattle. Over several generations, this has resulted in the current Holstein-Friesian type of medium and to large scale high production cow with a daily production of 40, 50 or more kilograms of milk. Such a cow produces more than 10,000 kilograms of milk per year at approx. 4.2 percent fat and 3.4 percent protein.

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